To better suit your individual needs, we have different housing options available this year for our team camps. Team Camps I and II will be housed on campus in university dorms. Housing for Team Camp III will be provided by local hotels, like last year. Pricing and other important information for each of the team camp options are below.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: For Team Camps I and II, bed availability is limited to the first 250 campers/coaches.  Additional availability will be determined by Housing and not guaranteed.  Registrations must be in to the Wrestling Office by posted due date, not postmarked by date. Teams wanting to stay in the dorms, should get their registrations in ASAP.  Teams will be registered according to the day they are received in the office.  

If you or your team is looking to improve technically, while competing against a variety of teams/individuals throughout the Midwest, then you should attend one of the Nebraska Team Camps! We will do a great job for your individuals as well as help your team develop, as they will compete 12 to 15 times throughout the camp. Teams that have attended our camps enjoy the organized approach, along with competition, nutritional and weight training advice on how to bring out your team’s best. The following are some factors that separate our camps from the others:

  1. An environment with competition from across the country (Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, S. Dakota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Colorado, Montana, Utah, Kansas Missouri, Michigan, Texas, Oklahoma). Four teams last summer were ranked in the top 25 high school rankings.
  2. A great combination of daily technique combined with 3-4 dual meets each day.
  3. Outstanding clinicians who teach and break down the techniques and drills for campers and coaches. We will cover top and bottom, as well as takedowns, which will work at any level.
  4. Team Leaders who will be assigned to your team that will assist you with motivating, encouraging, counseling, and instructing your wrestlers throughout the week.
  5. An indoor track facility (air conditioned) which provides tremendous space and a great competition environment.
  6. A Husker Power specialist will provide with you advice on how to weight train and lift properly.
  7. Knowledge from how to mentally prepare for competition, as well as how to provide the proper nutrition for optimal performance.
  8. Many wrestlers attend our team camps even though they come with 3-4 guys from one school. We put you on teams based on weight class and needs from other teams that need someone at your weight class. This is a great camp experience, by meeting new people and bonding with a team in a competitive environment. Don’t let the lack of effort from other teammates keep you from improving as a wrestler!

Our team camps will be conducted to benefit your wrestlers and coaches from a competitive standpoint, as well as a technical one. If there is an area you and your team need to improve upon, we will cover those areas also. There is not a minimum or maximum number of campers you can bring as a team. We will combine teams for competition reasons to ensure each every wrestler is on a team. (Individuals are encouraged to register.) Also, teams can be formed by a particular area; however, this team will not receive the discounted rate after 10 campers. A special all-star team will be selected on Wednesday of each camp. Each all-star will receive a special t-shirt. We want each team, coach, and camper have the best experience they have ever had at our camp. Individuals are welcome, as there will be other individuals and small teams that will be looking or more team members.


Team Camp I – June 10-14

Team Camp II – June 17-21

Cost Breakdown for Team Camps I and II:


$350/camper – 1-10 campers

$340/camper – 11-15 campers

$330/camper – 16-20 campers

$320/camper – 21-25 campers

$310/camper – 26+ campers


$280/camper – 1-10 campers

$270/camper – 11-15 campers

$260/camper – 16-20 campers

$250/camper – 21-25 campers

$240/camper – 26+ campers



Team Camp III – July 8-12

Instead of housing in the dorms, we have partnered with a number of area hotels for your stay at Team Camp III. Below is a list of our preferred hotel partners:

Hotels for Team Camps

Cost Breakdown for Team Camp III:

$260/camper – 1-10 campers

$250/camper – 11-20 campers

$240/camper – 20+ campers

* Nebraska Wrestling Camps will provide lunch, dinner, and a snack while on campus. Lunch will be provided after Session I, snack after Session II, and dinner after Session III. All these meals are included in cost of the camp listed above. Our lunches will be catered by: Jimmy John’s, Mr. Goodcents Subs, and Jersey Mike’s. Our dinners will be catered by: Chipotle, Raising Canes, and local Pizza restaurants. Breakfast will be provided each day at our preferred hotels.

Coaches Costs for ALL Team Camps

  • Less than 10 Wrestlers – $135/coach
  • 10 Wrestlers – 1 free coach, each additional coach pays $100.00
  • 20 Wrestlers – 2 free coaches, each additional coach pays $100.00
  • 26+ Wrestlers – 3 free coaches, each additional coach pays $100.00
  • Commuter Coaches – $100/coach

Discounts: Team discounts will only be in effect up to the registration date (see below). Any entries past the postmark date MUST pay full price. Additional campers after the registration deadline date will not count toward the original discounted team price.

 Daily Schedule

Team Camps I and II Tentative Schedule

Team Camp III Tentative Schedule

Registration Deadline Dates

Registrations for campers/coaches need to be mailed by the below dates:

  • Team Camp I: May 22, 2019
  • Team Camp II: May 29, 2019
  • Team Camp III:  June 19, 2019