Youth Day Camps

Youth Day Camps will focus on building the basic fundamentals of wrestling: Stance, Takedowns, Turns, Pin holds, Escapes, and Reversals. This camp includes drills, games, and competition with Coach Manning and his staff. Campers will be paired according to age/grade, size and ability to ensure the best camp experience. Lunch will be provided each day as well as a camp T-shirt.

Who: Boys and Girls Grades K-6

When: June 19-21, 9:00am-4:30pm each day

Where: Hendricks Training Complex

Cost: $150


Youth Day Camps Schedule

Takedown Camp

The competitive Takedown camp will help wrestlers better understand position, set ups, counter offense and multiple attacks. We will teach, drill, and have live wrestling, but also we will help you learn how to compete at high level. Each wrestler will gain a lot of experience through top-notch instruction and competitive wrestlers from a number of states. We’ll break campers into weights, at the end of camp and have a competitive takedown tournament on the last night. We will instruct campers regarding nutrition, proper mental attitude, weight loss, as well as how to properly weight train. This camp will help each athlete greatly improve as a takedown specialist. Campers will be exposed to the best techniques and counter offenses which will allow them to advance from current level of competition. Note: In order for campers to stay in the dorms, they must be at last 10 year of age. Campers under the age of 10 must be a commuter camper.

Cost: $280 resident/$220 commuter




Intensive Camp (For ages 14-18 years old)

If you want a challenge and to learn the work, dedication, sacrifice, and self-discipline it takes to be a CHAMPION—attend the Intensive camp. We will push you physically and help build the mental toughness needed for you to be your BEST. Our staff and counselors will help you gain a better understanding of your limits, along with breaking down barriers to reach your goals and fulfill a tougher mind in order to achieve your best on the mat and off. We will teach the “Life Skills” necessary for you to get the most out of yourself. We recommend you come to our camp with some conditioning level in order to get the most from our camp. This camp is designed for the wrestler who is looking for that EXTRA edge in order to reach higher goals. Daily conditioning, technique work, live wrestling/competition, strength training, mental training, goal setting as well as daily coaching and feedback to improve yourself. Let us help you reach a new level of performance.

Cost: $1250 resident/ $875 commuter

Postmark Deadlines

  • Youth Day Camp:  June 12, 2017
  • Takedown Camp:  June 26, 2017
  • Intensive Camp:  June 28, 2017